Things to Be Grateful For: Week 3

Sunday, January 15th:  Good friends who look out for you.

Monday, January 16th:  Having an easy day at work.  For once!

Tuesday, January 17th:  Finally coming around to watching a TV show that you have been ignoring only to find that it really is as good as they say.

Wednesday, January 18th:  The warmth of a kitten when you are feeling down.

Thursday, January 19th:  The train not being delayed for once.

Friday, January 20th:  A friend being flexible for what’s best for you even if it isn’t the most convenient for them.

Saturday, January 21th:  People coming together for a good cause.


Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose

The year is still young and for the most part, I have done pretty well.  There are a few things that I have not focused on such as my music and the cleaning of my apartment.  I feel as if I have let a lot slide these past few weeks for some reason.  I don’t know, I’m just having a hard time focusing on much which can be very frustrating for an overachiever.

I think the best way to go about this is to write in a journal expressing when and why I am feeling this way.  Rather than ignore the issue, I think it may be best to understand my procrastination and why it occurs.  Also, making checklists is a good way for me to get back on track.

The one thing I am excelling at is yoga.  I have been doing this steadily since January 1st even though at times I have wanted to quit.  Even though I have hit a slight rut in life, I am making yoga my anchor until I can focus on other things.  It’s good to know that all is not lost as long as I have my anchor.

I am in decent shape, but I would love to take it to the next level.  I think we all would and it’s something that can be focused on in small steps.  I have been consistent with yoga and haven’t missed a day in over two weeks.  Pretty impressive and I feel great!

Unfortunately, having gotten back into the yoga groove, I have realized that my eating habits haven’t been great.  I am really bad at drinking water.  It really is a challenge for me as I prefer coffee or nothing.  Not a great habit!  This week, I have forced myself to make sure that I drink one bottle of water to start off the day.  This is a great way to get two cups of water down before starting my morning coffee.  From there, I try to drink at least one or two cups more during the day.  Pretty impressive for someone who usually only drinks half a cup!

My diet has been carbs, carbs and more carbs.  Between pasta and after holiday sweets, I am doing my body no favors.  I love sugar and the idea of cutting down takes me to my sad place.  Still, I really want to try. Also, eating out every day for lunch is not good for the health or the budget, so I aim to change this.

Here’s to a healthier week!



Things to Be Grateful For: Week 2

Below I have listed the one thing I am grateful for each day of this week.  It’s easy to get bogged down with negativity, but there is always light.  We make choices to see the good, or we don’t.  I am choosing to see the good as much as possible this year.

Sunday, January 8th:  Sleeping in after a long week!

Monday, January 9th:  Packages waiting for you at the beginning of the day.

Tuesday, January 10th:  Thanks to the gentleman who gave me his seat when I let everyone off of the train before getting onto the train at rush hour.  Everyone got a seat but me and even though I argued, he gave it to me for being so polite.

Wednesday, January 11th:  New coffee flavors.  Variety is the spice of life.

Thursday, January 12th:  Getting together with a wonderful group of trusted friends after a long work week.

Friday, January 13th:  Working with a wonderful supervisor after dealing with such poor leaders in the past.

Saturday, January 14th:  Gentle snow days that don’t make a mess or slow down transportation.

Learning Languages

High on my list of New Year goals is learning more about languages. This is very important to me as I travel a lot and I also enjoy other cultures very much. Languages have never come easy to me, but I think most people feel that way. What I have learned is that you really need to focus on languages daily to grasp them, and I have been doing just that.

At this time, I am studying Spanish, French, Korean and dabbling in Italian and Russian. I do not plan on focusing on the latter as much as the first three.

Spanish: I have not missed Spanish once since the New Year. I feel this is the most useful language if you live in the US as it is widely spoken here. Also, I have a personal connection to the language and being fluent would mean a lot to me.

I find Spanish to be the easiest of the grouping, but that being said, sometimes it’s a challenge. I read and understand the language well, but the grammar has been a struggle. Also, when I try to speak it, I have a very hard time and feel self-conscious.

So, to help with this, I have started from the beginning of the Duolingo Spanish tree and am focusing on the language grammatically ground up. I have been focusing on every word and structure to make sure I understand them well. I tend to rush through things retaining little, so this will be a challenge. Once done, I will need something more intermediate.

French: French is tough. Yes it is a Romance language, but it is so much more structured than Spanish. Also, the pronunciation is much more difficult than Spanish to me. I was raised around Spanish speakers, so it is in my ears and rolls of my tongue. French, not so much. I have started all over with the tree on Duolingo along with working with skills on Memrise. Tough stuff!

Korean: How I love this language, but this is so different from anything I have studied before. I have made sure I have Hangul down pat and have started studying basic vocabulary and structure. Korean is considered one of the hardest languages in the world to learn, but I really stand by learning this. I have seen other English speakers accomplish this–I can to. I have been studying from books and Talk to Me in Korean online. I will let you know how this goes.

In the future, I will probably break the languages down in one write up because that will help me express myself better. At least I have accomplished the English language! J

Things to Be Grateful For: Week 1

Below I have listed the one thing I am grateful for each day of this week.  It’s easy to get bogged down with negativity, but there is always light.  We make choices to see the good, or we don’t.  I am choosing to see the good as much as possible for the New Year.

Sunday, January 1st:  The ability to acknowledge that everyday is the chance for a new start.

Monday, January 2nd:  Holiday are the best.  Nothing like two weeks off for the holiday.

Tuesday, January 3rd:  Returning to work to see a group of co-workers who are sincerely glad to see you.  It’s humbling.

Wednesday, January 4th:  Coffee.  Iced coffee when it is cold outside.

Thursday, January 5th:  It’s great to see my friend who has gone through so much writing again.  She has been to hell and back and she still smiles through that pain and shines on.  Kudos beautiful friend.

Friday, January 6th:  Drinks with a friend I had lost contact with.  Feels great to be remembered even after time passes.  We will need to do this more often.

Saturday, January 7th:  Snow days when you don’t have to go anywhere.  Eat cookies, chai lattes, read books, PlayStation and snuggle cats with the candles lit.  Perfect day.

Snow Day


NYC was hit by a snow storm today, and though it wasn’t anything major, it did last all day.  I am not a cold weather person.  I never have been.  Even as a child, I would stay indoors when the snow came. I detested the feeling of the cold wind and the feel of the snow in my hands and the chill through my body.  I was a California girl whose family had moved to a colder state in childhood against her will.

Later, I moved to NYC in hopes of attaining a dream, and in some ways, myself.  But the cold weather never agreed with me.  Yet, on days like today, I realize how beautiful the snow can be.  Even in NYC.

Today, I had a list of things I wanted to do so that Sunday could be my day.  But with the snow starting to fall in the early afternoon, I decided to sit in my plush red chair and just stare out the window.  I live in NYC, I’m always part of this crazy scene.  But for once, I decided to be an observer of this crazy city and watched the bundled up people walk by in their winter clothing.

Children played, men helped their female companions across the street, and the elderly hunched with age carefully stepped into the street as the cars slowly went by.  Even though I wasn’t “there,” I really was, and in a way I haven’t been in a long time.  It was beautiful.

So I read in my big, red plushy chair with coffee and a book in hand, gentle music playing in the background–my two cats playing at my feet.  And I realized that always “doing” doesn’t mean living.  In this moment, I was living to its fullest even if others may view it as idle.  And, I didn’t care, I was too lost in my peace.

Then chocolate cookies and chai lattes were made, and I took a deep breath and really lived.  Today was the New Year for me.

Staying Strong with Yoga! Day 6!


The year has started out a little crazier than anticipated, making it hard to stick to one’s goals.  I have done yoga every day since January 1st.  I almost skipped it yesterday due to a friend visiting the emergency room, but I came home, took a brief nap and got it done.  I’m sticking to goals this year.

I used to do yoga every day, but due to life circumstances, I had to give up a few things.  I loved how it made me feel physically and mentally.  After a while, it really becomes an integral part of my life.   When I quit, I really missed it, but sometimes life gets in the way.  So this year, I didn’t let life stop my 31 day goal even if I was exhausted.  Got to get it done!

I’m in decent shape body-wise.  I’m thin, but would like to be more toned.   So I will be adding cardio two times a week for the first month or two and possibly move it to three.  I walk a lot, but even with my fast New York clip, it isn’t enough.

Yoga is amazing, but I do want to clarify that it is not enough for weight loss.  It does help if that is what you need and is great for toning.  But for me, the toning is secondary to the mental aspects–it really clears my mind and puts me on the right path in life.

I will say, because I was out of practice, my body was a little sore the first few days; especially in my abs, upper body and neck.  The sore neck made it apparent that I was holding too much tension in that area and I stayed aware for the next few days of my posture and long lines.  Today, the soreness is minimal and I am ready for the next day’s challenge. Also, what was once a chore is now becoming the thing I look most forward to in the day.

Lastly, I have ADHD and my mind wanders.  The first few days I couldn’t wait to finish, but now, I am slowly getting more focused and able to stay on the mat longer without wanting to rush off of it.  I am really beginning to enjoy the mat more and more.

Bring on the yoga!