Things to Be Grateful For: Week 2

Below I have listed the one thing I am grateful for each day of this week.  It’s easy to get bogged down with negativity, but there is always light.  We make choices to see the good, or we don’t.  I am choosing to see the good as much as possible this year.

Sunday, January 8th:  Sleeping in after a long week!

Monday, January 9th:  Packages waiting for you at the beginning of the day.

Tuesday, January 10th:  Thanks to the gentleman who gave me his seat when I let everyone off of the train before getting onto the train at rush hour.  Everyone got a seat but me and even though I argued, he gave it to me for being so polite.

Wednesday, January 11th:  New coffee flavors.  Variety is the spice of life.

Thursday, January 12th:  Getting together with a wonderful group of trusted friends after a long work week.

Friday, January 13th:  Working with a wonderful supervisor after dealing with such poor leaders in the past.

Saturday, January 14th:  Gentle snow days that don’t make a mess or slow down transportation.


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